What is SceneRadar ?

SceneRadar is a timestamped movie alert system. The site warns you about scenes containing nudity, sex, violence and gore.

What is an alert ?

An alert is any scene that can trigger, bother or upset the intended audience. So for a G-rated film, a simple slap or argument may be listed as an alert. For an R-rated film - the bar will be higher.

Why do you not cover profanity ?

SceneRadar tries to add alerts which are at least 15 seconds long. Profanities are short and frequent. Adding them can clutter up the report without adding much value. If you are worried about profanities, you can check the IMDB parental guide instead.

A movie has different editions. How do I know which edition was used for the report ?

The timeline graph displays the run time of the movie. You can use this to verify which edition was used for the report.

How do you choose which movies to cover ?

I use the IMDB popularity rating to decide whether to cover a movie. To cover a movie it will need to be either

  1. In the IMDB top 2000 in popularity
  2. Requested and voted by a certain number of people.
Why do you have G/PG rated movies on the site.

For G/PG rated movies, the threshold for alerts is a lot lower.

What are the badges next to scenes ?

There are three types of alerts.

_ Violence type alerts. This may also include scary scenes, profanity, sexual violence or bloodshed.
_ Nudity or sex.
_ General purpose alerts which don’t fit in the above two.

And three levels of alerts - Light, Medium, Extreme.

Scenes that are unverified have this badge unverified

What are verified scenes ?

Verified scenes are either

  1. Personally verified by a moderator.
  2. Above a certain vote threshold.
  3. Submitted by a user with good reputation.

Other scenes are categorized as unverified scenes. Unverified scenes do not appear on the timeline graph.